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3 Tips to Help Young People Follow Jesus Wholeheartedly in a Compromising Culture

The Mylon Hayes Family

Bailey, Wendy, Kennedy, Mylon, and Conner Hayes perform as The Mylon Hayes Family. (Source: Facebook)

It’s hard to follow Jesus wholeheartedly as a young person in our culture today.

Social media, movies, and TV shows venerate things God says are wrong and condemn things God says are good. They portray Christians in a negative light and undermine the Bible’s authority.

Does this affect young people? Research says yes.

According to Barna:

So when you see a young person truly living for God, it catches your attention.

That’s certainly the case with Conner and Bailey Hayes. The twin brothers have been singing with their family full time as the southern Gospel group The Mylon Hayes Family for 10 years now. And the 22-year-olds wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Hayes are committed to full-time music ministry because they’re passionate about edifying the church and spreading the gospel as far as they can. Together, the Mylon Hayes Family has recorded eight albums, totaling 94 songs—all about God’s Word, the gospel of Jesus, and the Christian life.

So what keeps the Hayes kids passionate about Jesus in our compromising culture? Conner and Bailey offer several suggestions for young people today:

1. Realize That Serving God Is Always Worth the Cost

First, every young person should realize that there is a cost to following Jesus. Often, living wholeheartedly for Christ means saying no to some things our culture deems as fun, exciting, or even healthy.

Follow Him anyway. He’s always worth the sacrifice.

“It pays to serve the Lord,” Conner says. “It may not pay monetarily, and it’s not necessarily the most glamorous thing in the world. But it’s worth it in the long run to live for the Lord and set yourself apart for Him, to be different. You can follow the crowd all day long, but in the end, you’ll just end up in the mud with them.”

2. Read the Bible Daily

Each person in the Hayes family makes time with God a top priority. Personal devotions each morning help Conner and Bailey stay focused on the Lord throughout the day.

“We get in the Word because the only way you can hear the Lord speak is through His Word,” says Conner. “So for me personally, I try to dig into the Word every day.”

Even when reading the Bible doesn’t seem fun or interesting, do it anyway. God’s Word never returns void (see Isaiah 55:11), and as we meditate on the Bible, it bears good spiritual fruit in our lives (see Psalm 1:2-3).

3. Tell Others Why You Serve Jesus

The Hayes’ love for performing is directly tied to their love of sharing the gospel. For Conner and Bailey, nothing beats telling young people just how worthy Jesus is and exemplifying it with their lives.

“When the Lord is in your life, and you’re serving Him—He’s just the best thing that ever happened to me, so I always want to share that with young people and encourage them that living for the Lord is the best thing that you can do,” Conner says. “It’s the best way to show Him that you love Him.”

Sharing the Good News not only points others to Christ, but it also encourages your own faith. And the Hayes will have yet another opportunity to do just that at the upcoming 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter.

Conner and Bailey still remember the last time they visited the Ark Encounter as tourists. Their favorite moment was stepping out of the tour bus and seeing the massive size of the Ark.

“Our family is not often held speechless,” Conner quips. “But as soon as we saw the Ark, I don’t think any of us said a word for about five minutes. Then, finally, my sister, Kennedy, spoke up and said, ‘Wow, that’s a lot bigger than I’d thought it’d be.’ We were all dumbfounded at how large it is.”

The Hayes hope thousands will come to the 40-day music festival, not only to see how huge the Ark is for themselves, but also to be encouraged in their faith.

“There are going to be speakers each day,” Bailey adds. “I’m really looking forward to the preaching. There will be a lot of phenomenal pastors and preachers I really look up to, so I’m excited for them to present the gospel to an audience that may have never heard it before.”

Grab your tickets today at 40daysofgospelmusic.com! To see which days the Mylon Hayes Family performs, click here.