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5 Shows That Teach Kids About Animal Science From a Creationist Perspective

teach kids about animal science

If your kids love animals, they most likely enjoy educational animal shows! But have you ever let your kids watch a show about animal science only to overhear the teacher start talking about evolution?

As a Christian parent, you may get frustrated that so many of the best and most entertaining animal science shows teach evolution as if it were fact.

You want to protect your child from hearing these “facts” that contradict God’s Word—so what do you do?

Here at Answers.tv, we have an answer for you! We’ve gathered a list of 5 entertaining kids shows that teach about animal science from a Creationist perspective.

You don’t have to worry about evolution or anti-biblical teaching in these shows. Plus, your kids will enjoy the engaging activities, up-close look at animals, and fun-loving hosts.

Out and About

From the very first episode of Out and About, you can tell host Buddy Davis loves two things: Jesus and His creation!

Each episode features Buddy as he explores the beautiful and mysterious outdoors. Your kids will see interesting creatures, fascinating plants, and intelligent designs in this show. And Buddy loves to entertain children with his musical abilities!

We think your kids will especially enjoy Episode 3, where Buddy gives you an up-close look at snapping turtles and blue herons, teaches you how to draw a saber-tooth cat, and sings the timeless song “Near the Cross.”

Click here to watch Out and About.

Hike & Seek

Filmmaker Peter Schriemer knows how to capture the most mind-blowing parts of creation on camera. In each episode, Peter goes on a hike to introduce you to creatures, whether from your backyard or faraway places.

If you like foxes and coyotes, you’ll love Episode 4, where Peter discovers where a red-tailed fox has been hiding and shows you some beautiful baby foxes! Your kids will also learn why God calls us to care for the animals He created.

Click here to go on your next hike with Peter!

Schus Off!

In this colorful kids series, Trevor and Avery Schu—along with their kids—explore God’s creation, especially His marvelous animals.

Each episode teaches kids about a specific part of animal science like habitats or a type of animal like “jumpers.”

Make sure to check out Episode 6, where Trevor and Avery discover God’s complex nutrient cycle and the role decomposition plays. Meet some fascinating creatures that help break down leaves, including millipedes, huge cockroaches, worms, and even mushrooms!

Watch Shus Off! here.

The Wild Brothers

If you have adventurous boys in your family, they’ll probably want to watch The Wild Brothers over and over. Why? Because it features four boys who go on exciting adventures in God’s creation—and in the heart of the jungle!

This show follows the sons of Mike and Libby Wild, a homeschooling missionary family that lives in the jungles of a remote Pacific island.

Each 30-minute episode reveals a new adventure. In Episode 2, Asher and his three fun-loving brothers find “jewels of the jungle” in all sizes and colors. (Their bug collection is super-sized!)

Click here to watch The Wild Brothers.

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures

We’re back with Buddy Davis, but this time, he’s going to new places!

In Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures, your lovable host travels to fun places like Alaska and goes on adventurous escapades like extreme caving and dinosaur digs.

Buddy weaves his love for the gospel into every fun-filled episode. He helps your kids not only learn about God’s creation but also see how each plant and animal points back to God’s creative design!

What does Buddy find in Episode 4 when he treks through the wilderness of Alaska? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Click here to explore Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures.


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