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7 Fun Things to Do at the Ark Encounter (You Don't Want to Miss #5)

ark encounter

If you’re still trying to plan your next family vacation, we have the perfect idea for you—explore Noah’s Ark! Granted, it’s not Noah’s actual ark, but the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, comes pretty close. Our life-size replica of Noah’s Ark gives you an insider’s look at what the Flood may have been like for Noah and his family.

Maybe you’ve wondered how Noah managed to fit all those animals on the Ark. Or perhaps you’re curious about what kind of animals were safe onboard. The Ark Encounter answers those questions and more with its fun-filled, interactive exhibits, events, and activities.

Check out 7 of our favorite things to do while at the Ark Encounter! (And make sure to mark #5 on your vacation schedule.)

1. Walk Through Noah’s Ark

Of course, when you go to the Ark Encounter, you’re going to be able to walk through the life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark. But did you know it contains numerous state-of-the-art exhibits about the Flood, Noah and his family, and the animals onboard?

You’ll also see how Noah and his family might have lived on the Ark—from cooking food to sleeping and from recreation to even gardening.

2. Zip Lines

Yes, zip lining. For you mothers gasping right now, don’t worry—it really is safe! Screaming Eagle at the Ark Encounter lets your kids securely soar thousands of feet through the air as fast as 50 mph and as high as 17 stories.

Screaming Eagle offers zip line courses, aerial challenges, free falls (again, totally safe), and Christmas events.

3. Children’s Playground

For the little ones who aren’t old enough to do zip lining, the Ark Encounter children’s playground is perfect. Our playground is specially designed for kids of all abilities so that everyone can have a good time.

4. Ararat Ridge Zoo

At our zoo and petting area, you’ll meet animals from around the world, including ostriches, kangaroos, sloths, tortoises, zebras, and more. And if you want to pretend you’re living in biblical times, you can even ride on one of our camels!

The great thing about our zoo is that there’s no millions-of-years teaching here. We teach about our animals from a biblical perspective.

5. Truth Traveler: A Virtual Reality Experience

Want to know what it would’ve been like to sail on the Ark in the middle of a global Flood? Our Truth Traveler exhibit will show you. Sit in our “time machine” and enjoy a virtual reality experience of the worldwide Flood.

Your guide—a lovable robot named Pod—will lead you safely through as you watch Noah and his sons build the Ark, experience the Flood, and explore the Ark. (Hint: Expect some exciting surprises in this exhibit!)

6. Fossil Find

At Answers in Genesis, we share the truth about fossils you won’t read in evolution-based science textbooks. In our Fossil Find exhibit, you can pan for unique fossils and learn how they can form quickly instead of over millions of years.

7. Regular Special Events in the Answers Center

While you’re exploring our park to your heart’s content, make a pit stop at the Answers Center. Our 2,500-seat multipurpose center features daily special events, including family concerts, special video presentations, dynamic speakers, and more.

Check the daily schedule to make sure you show up for your favorite event!

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