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The Answer to Racism: What the Bible Says

Racism is on the forefront of many people’s thoughts today. All you have to do is turn on the news to see how our culture is responding to race issues. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about what the answer to racism is. But what does the Bible say?

In the U.S. culture, we are unwittingly taught to look at the exterior rather than the interior of a person. This is because of our culture’s racist roots, the way the world thinks, and the influence of Darwinian thinking. We need to begin to see as God sees.

But in order to understand God’s answer to racism, we must first look at the worldly influences that have shaped the racism we see today.

answer to racism

Darwinian Evolution and Its Impact on Racism

According to Charles Darwin, species’ physical characteristics evolve over millions of years, morphing them into other species. Apes eventually turn into humans and humans eventually turn into—well, that remains to be seen, so they say.

Not only was Darwin’s view of evolution completely unbiblical, it also had horrible ramifications on how groups of human beings began to view each other.

Today, the term “race” is often used to classify people based almost solely on physical characteristics. According to evolutionary ideas, these so-called races descended from different ancestors separated by location and time.

In all fairness to Darwin, he wasn’t the first to propose biological arguments for racism, but his works fueled some of the most ugly and deadly racism this world has ever known. After all, according to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest,” races that are superior will eventually survive while the inferior die out.

In this regard, Darwin’s ideas on race attracted Adolf Hitler, who used them as an excuse to perform unspeakable acts on people he deemed “less worthy,” including those of a different skin color.

God’s Answer to Racism: One Human Race

In contrast to what Darwin and Hitler believed, the Bible teaches that all humans are descended from Adam and Eve and so all are related. And all need the salvation offered by the Last Adam, Jesus.

So from a biblical perspective, the answer to racism is that there is only one biological race. Scientific studies on the human genome even confirm this. Biblically and scientifically, there is no defense for racism.

Instead, the Bible teaches us to treat others as we would want to be treated (see Matthew 7:12) and to banish favoritism in our lives (see James 2:1-13). This includes those who look different than we do and are from different cultures than we are.

All throughout Scripture, God emphasizes how important it is to look at the heart, not the outward appearance. Even when the prophet Samuel was looking among Jesse’s sons for the next king, the Lord rebuked him for only considering the young men’s physical characteristics.

The only true answer to racism—and the only way to eradicate it from our hearts—is to treat it as a spiritual problem and seek a spiritual answer. Only when we allow God to transform us with His love will we be able to set our differences aside and honor others above ourselves (see Philippians 2:3).

More on God’s Response to Racism

Since his teaching days back in the 1970s, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham has had a passion for fighting racism. As a result, he’s always made sure that Answers in Genesis provides the proper biblical response in our resources.

To learn more about biblical and scientific answers to popular race questions, watch One Race, One Blood: Biblical and Scientific Answers, available on Answers.tv.

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