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Brian Free: The Devil Is Attacking Family Like Never Before—Here’s How We Can Stand Firm

Brian Free and Assurance

The family as God designed it is under extreme attack in our day. Divorce, infidelity, abuse, sexual immorality—the list of the devil’s tactics for destroying the family unit could go on and on.

Why is this attack on the family so strong right now? Could it be because Christ-centered families are God’s plan for passing on His Word and biblical values to the next generation? If our spiritual enemy can undermine the scriptural foundation of the family, he can undermine our ability to be salt and light to this world.

So how can Christians take a stand in our day and refuse to let God’s plan for their family crumble?

Popular singer Brian Free of Brian Free and Assurance (BFA) says it starts with two things: Make Jesus the bedrock of your home, and then make your family a top priority in your life.

“The devil has been trying to destroy the family forever—what God views as the family. It’s been under attack for many, many years and will continue to be that way,” Brian says. “So as a family, we have to make sure things are right at home. There’s no perfect family, no perfect relationship. I don’t believe there’s a husband and wife on this planet who don’t argue. But when the Lord is the center of your marriage, your arguments don’t last long.”

Walking that out, though, can be more difficult than it sounds at times. As founder and lead singer of BFA, Brian knows how hard it can be to prioritize family when your job or ministry takes a lot of your time.

“I firmly believe God has called me to do this,” Brian says. “But I also believe that I first have to take care of my family. I’ve seen many artists dedicate themselves solely to their career, and there’s a price to pay when you do that.”

That’s why he and his wife Pam, who runs the office and administrative side of BFA, have worked hard to prioritize their marriage throughout the years. No matter how busy either of them get with BFA, they make sure to spend time together. When their kids were younger and still at home, that meant prioritizing time with them as well.

But beyond spending time with each other, there are other spiritual tools and weapons Christians can use to strengthen their families. Things like prayer, fasting, and meditating on God’s Word have played a big role in Brian’s life as he leads his family.

“We have to be staying strong as the family structure, staying in prayer, reading His Word, loving each other through everything that goes on,” Brian says.

“And no matter what’s happening in the family or what Satan throws your way, it’s about staying focused on the Lord because He’s the only One who’s going to get us through. It won’t be our strength.”

Brian encourages families to take regular time to pray and read the Word together. He also hopes many families will come and be spiritually encouraged at the upcoming 40 Days and 40 Nights of Gospel Musicevent at the Ark Encounter.

The event will feature over a dozen preachers and more than 100 music artists, including BFA. Answers in Genesis is proud to team up with Abraham Productions to host what is set to be the largest Christian music festival in the world.

In between concerts and messages, attendees can walk through the Ark Encounter and enjoy its many other attractions. Do you have your tickets yet? If not, visit 40daysofgospelmusic.com to get yours!


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