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Bring Your Friends to Hear Dennis Swanberg, Herb Reavis, & Jon Bowman Preach at the Ark Encounter!

Preachers at the Ark Encounter

Christians around the nation are flocking to the Ark Encounter this month for 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music. During this event, over 100 talented Southern Gospel artists and renowned preachers are taking the stage for sessions packed with truth and encouragement.

But this event—hosted by Answers in Genesis and Abraham Productions—isn’t just for Christians. If you have unbelieving friends or loved ones who are questioning their faith, this event is the perfect opportunity to encourage them with wholesome fun and biblical truth. In between sessions, you and your friends can tour the Ark Encounter, go zip lining through the woods, experience a new virtual reality ride, and feed various animals at a petting zoo!

“If [your unbelieving friends] come with you, you never know—the Holy Spirit of God may get hold of them and do a work in their life. And you will have planted the seed that could change them for eternity,” says Ray Flynn, president of Abraham Productions.

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Sunday, August 29

Ray Flynn is excited to be one of the dozens of preachers sharing the gospel at the world’s largest Christian music festival.

With over 100 concerts within a span of 40 days, this event could give hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to hear the gospel, Flynn says. And already, by God’s grace, nearly 350 had accepted Jesus as Savior as of Sunday, August 22!

“God is the orchestrator of this event,” Flynn says. “He is the one who has opened the door for this. Think about the opportunity of touching so many people. Who knows how many people will come to Christ through this event?”

Monday, August 30

Music ministry and preaching run deep in Dr. John Pfeifer’s family—and he’s grateful he can contribute to that Christian legacy.

When he takes the stage Monday morning to preach God’s Word, you can expect a strong message that challenges and encourages you to follow God with your whole heart!

Tuesday, August 31

Dr. Herb Reavis favorite thing about all of Abraham Productions’ events is that they’re not just about the music. Each one includes preaching the Word of God and an invitation to follow Christ. And Dr. Reavis intends to include both of those components in his message Tuesday morning.

“I want to encourage those who don’t know Christ, who maybe are like I was—religious but lost—to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior,” he says. “I want to see people surrender to the Lordship of Christ.

“And it’s exciting—what better backdrop than the Ark, a picture of Christ. There’s only one door to the Ark, and there’s only one way to Heaven.”

Tuesday evening promises yet another exciting session when Dennis Swanberg speaks. Swanberg loves pointing to Jesus in his messages, too, albeit in a more lighthearted way!

As a Christian comedian, he treats his talent for making people double over with laughter as a ministry. And at the end of each hilarious performance, he offers a touching word full of biblical truth.

Wednesday, September 1

Join us Wednesday morning to hear Dr. Jon Bowman preach! Bowman can’t help but share about Jesus in every message he delivers, so expect nothing less in this session!

Later that evening, you’ll enjoy another fun message from Dennis Swanberg. “America’s Minister of Encouragement,” as he’s been called, began his work as a comedian after pastoring in local churches for 23 years. His pastoral heart and love for jokes never fails to leave an audience cheered and refreshed.

Thursday, September 2

Come back to the Ark Encounter Thursday morning to hear Dr. Jon Bowman speak as he brings a powerful message from the Word of God!

Friday-Saturday, September 3-4

Crowds are excited hear Dr. Lee Pigg preach the Word Friday and Saturday mornings. The North Carolina pastor is equally excited to bring a message of hope and truth to people who are hungry for the gospel.

“I’m just super thrilled that the Christian world is going to have access to something on this scale,” Dr. Lee says. “I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be amazing!”


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