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David Jeremiah, Ken Ham, Barry Clardy—Don’t Miss the Final Week of Speakers at the Ark Encounter!

ark encounter speakers 40 days

Next week is the final week of the incredible 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter!

With spectacular preaching, lively Southern Gospel worship, and fun exhibits, rides, and activities for the whole family, this event is one that will surely be remembered for years to come.

Don’t miss this final opportunity to enjoy days of family fun and Christian encouragement. Nab your tickets today and reserve your spot!

And if you’re still on the fence about coming, maybe seeing next week’s lineup of amazing speakers will help:

Sunday, September 5

Ray Flynn is looking forward to preaching yet again this coming Sunday at 3 PM. His heart is continually burdened for every lost soul who may be at the event as well as every believer who finds themselves straying in their Christian walk.

He hopes these 40 days of worship and Bible teaching will be the catalyst people need to follow after Jesus with their whole hearts.

“A lot of people come to see these events just because they look at it as being a really cool show or something to come to,” he says. “And once they get there, the Spirit of the Lord starts dealing with people, and the next thing you know, their life has been changed, and they’re back serving the Lord.”

Monday, September 6

Dr. John Pfeifer has been pastor of the Gathering Place since 2010 (which began as a simple Bible study outreach eight years earlier) and has been in music ministry with his family even longer.

So when he speaks during Monday morning’s session at the Ark Encounter, you know it will be a message full of biblical truth that equips you in your relationship with Jesus.

After his session, be sure to check out the Kangaroo Walkabout anytime between 11 AM and 5 PM. And while you’re at it, why not ride a camel while they’re available from 1 to 5 PM?

Tuesday, September 7

You can’t mistake Dr. Barry Clardy’s love for God and people. As lead pastor of Princeton Pike Church of God in Hamilton, Ohio, and a mentor to ministers across the country, Dr. Clardy is passionate about equipping today’s Christian leaders to change the world for Jesus.

A visionary leader, he’s equally committed to the focus on faith and family. So you can expect his Tuesday morning and evening sessions to be powerful and uplifting for families who hunger to honor God!

Wednesday, September 8

It’s no secret that the attack on the Christian faith and biblical doctrines has been intensifying in recent years. But fewer people can pinpoint why. One of those few is Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis.

He says the reason Christianity has been under more attack lately is that the church has slowly but surely been losing its influence on the culture. The United States, a nation that was once largely influenced by Christian thought and a Judeo-Christian ethic, is now largely secular.

“A lot of those of the older generation don’t understand the veneer of Christianity that was there has basically been ripped off,” Ham says. “We’re now seeing an education system that’s shoving God out, the Bible out, prayer out, nativity scenes out. Now, the LGBT worldview, Marxist ideas, and critical race theory have been forced on generations of kids.”

That’s why Ham is passionate about equipping believers with the truth. His heart is to see them stand firm in their Christian faith no matter what the skeptics say. And when he stands to speak Wednesday morning, you can rest assured that will be the outcome of his message.

Thursday-Friday, September 9-10

Like Ken Ham, Dr. David Jeremiah sees how violently the secular culture is opposing Christianity in our day.

With such opposition, should Christians shrink back and play it safe? Dr. Jeremiah says no! Instead, we must stand firm in the truth and speak it boldly—yet with love.

“How do we stand up but do it wisely?” he says. “The Bible says Jesus was full of grace and truth. I know a lot of people who are full of truth, but they don’t have any grace at all. It’s not only about standing up, but it’s also about how we stand up.”

This Thursday evening and Friday morning, Dr. Jeremiah intends to stand up with grace and wisdom as he preaches at the Ark Encounter.

Are you coming? Get ready for a powerful week of speakers who are ready to preach the gospel, equip believers, and encourage those who are spiritually weary.

Remember, this is your last chance to join us! Don’t miss this incredible and uplifting event!


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