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Did Researchers Find Noah’s Ark in Turkey?

Noahs Ark in Turkey

Have researchers found the landing site for Noah’s Ark? Recent 3-D scans of a rocky spot in eastern Turkey revealed a boat-like formation, and archaeologists say it matches the Bible’s description of the Ark.

According to the U.S. Sun, the formation found on Mount Tendürek reveals parallel lines and angular structures that go 8 to 20 feet down. Supposedly, these structures and lines match the “exact length” of the Ark, around 150 meters (300 cubits).

A Turkish army captain named Ilhan Durupinar found the site in 1959. Since then, people have made claims about it being the site where Noah’s Ark landed—claims that have been strongly disputed.

Could This Be Noah’s Ark?

Over the last several decades, many have wondered if the Durupinar site is truly where Noah’s Ark rested. Our answer is no, and geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling gives several compelling reasons why.

First, it’s extremely unlikely that the Ark would’ve survived the past 4,350 years. After the Flood, Noah’s family probably used the wood from the Ark to build shelters and fires since trees were still scarce at that point.

Second, the Durupinar site is in a valley. The Bible says the Ark rested on a mountain in the mountain range of Ararat. (Mind you, this isn’t necessarily modern-day Mt. Ararat. Names for locations are often re-used throughout history.)

Third, this site sits on a volcanic lava flow. If Noah’s Ark rested on a volcano, which would’ve likely erupted again, it would’ve put all those on board at risk.

What About Other Potential Landing Sites for Noah’s Ark?

Durupinar isn’t the only proposed resting spot for Noah’s Ark. There have been several other disputed sites on and near modern-day Mt. Ararat.

Undisclosed NAMI Site

Ahmet Ertugrul, a Turkish guide, took pictures of what he said were compartments from Noah’s Ark on the south side of Mt. Ararat. In 2008, he gave those photos to a Hong Kong-based ministry called NAMI.

Mt. Cudi/Judi

Ancient writers have claimed the Ark was still visible during New Testament times at this location. A 1953 expedition uncovered wood at that site.

Mt. Suleiman

Veteran Ed Davis says he saw Noah’s Ark (or remains of it) in Iran during World War II. Later on, expeditions found “beam-like rocks” on Mt. Suleiman.

Ararat Anomaly

In 1949, the U.S. Air Force took black-and-white photos of the northwest side of Mt. Ararat. The photos revealed what looked like portions of a ship.

Ahora Gorge

The Ahora Gorge is a mile below Mt. Ararat’s peak. A man named George Hagopian says he saw and even climbed to the top of the Ark as a young boy in c. 1908. But he was never able to say where exactly the Ark was.

The problem with all these sites (including Durupinar) is that modern-day Mt. Ararat was most likely formed after Noah’s Ark had landed. Mt. Ararat, which is made up of two volcanos, is a relatively young volcanic formation. The ocean waters from the Flood retreated away from eastern Turkey before volcanic eruptions created Mt. Ararat, says Dr. Snelling.

Do We Need to Find Noah’s Ark?

Again, the answer is no, we don’t have to find the Ark’s remains to believe that what the Bible says about the Global Flood is true.

“These claims regarding this site [Durupinar] have been made for more than 25 years and have been refuted many times before,” says Dr. Snelling. “We don’t need to find the Ark to accept it as historical reality. We already have the infallible testimony of the ever-present, all-knowing Creator in His Word.”

Dr. Snelling said it perfectly. Physical evidence will never be as important as the perfect testimony of Scripture. We can trust the Bible to provide us with truth—spiritual and historical.

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