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Does Old Ice Prove the Earth Is Millions of Years Old?

old ice

How old is the earth? Well, if you believe in evolution, you might point to old ice and say the earth is millions of years old.

After all, one group is claiming that some ice they found in Antarctica is around 8 million years old.

Granted, most scientists that have found old ice say their samples are only hundreds of thousands of years old—sometimes a few million.

What do these scientists hope to find in this supposed million-year-old ice? According to an article from NPR, some have found air bubbles in the ice and studied the carbon dioxide and methane within them to understand the atmosphere at that time.

They believe the gasses in those air bubbles can tell us about climate change over millions of years—and what we can expect in the near future.

Old Ice and Climate Change

The problem with trying to understand climate change in the past from a hunk of ice is that what you’ll find will certainly be determined by what you already believe about the age of the earth.

For example, scientists who believe the earth is millions of years old will look at the ice as frozen snapshots of what the world was like millions of years ago.

But if you’re a creation scientist looking at that same ice, you’ll see it as a picture of thousands of years that point back to one globally catastrophic event—the Flood.

Secular scientists reach the wrong conclusions about the ages of these ice sheets because they have the wrong starting point. In this way, they’ll also reach wrong conclusions about how those ice sheets can help us understand the past and present.

How Old Is the Ice in Antarctica?

Secular scientists will tell you that ice has covered Antarctica for at least 30 million years. That said, they’ll also tell you that it’s hard to find ice that old because new snow and ice is constantly being added to the top. Plus, the bottom layers might melt due to geothermal heat (rocks on Antarctica’s surface giving off heat over time).

According to a biblical worldview, though, Antarctica’s ice isn’t nearly that old. In fact, when we start with God’s Word as our historical record, we can reasonably assume that Antarctica moved to its present position in the extreme south during and soon after Noah’s Flood.

How did Antarctica move so far? When the Flood broke up the earth’s surface, the world’s tectonic plates shifted tremendously—to the point of breaking up what most likely was one solid land mass. (Scientists call it Panagea.)

That same global Flood triggered an ice age, which allowed vast amounts of snow to pile up in many places across the world, but particularly at the north and south poles. These catastrophic events built ice cores in decades or centuries—not slowly over millions of years like evolutionists say.

So those air pockets that scientists are studying aren’t actually millions of years old. At best, they’re several thousand!

Unfortunately, these wrong conclusions about ice cores might influence politicians to make bad—or even irrational—decisions regarding climate change.

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