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Does the Bible Teach a Flat Earth?

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In an attempt to undermine creationism, some evolutionists make the bizarre claim that creationists believe in a flat Earth.

This claim simply isn’t true for the majority of creationists. The shape of the Earth is based on solid observational science, and we have no problem with this kind of science.

However, due to the popularity of some Internet videos, the idea of a flat Earth has begun to gain some traction, including among some Christians.

Despite what those popular videos say, though, flat-earth beliefs lack both biblical and scientific support.

Does the Bible Talk About a Flat Earth?

People are often surprised when they find out the Bible actually supports the idea of a round or spherical Earth. Read what the prophet Isaiah says about the shape of the Earth:

“It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in” (Isaiah 40:22).

Job is another book of the Bible that talks about the Earth’s features.

“He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing” (Job 26:7).

These Spirit-inspired men wrote these things about the Earth thousands of years before the idea of a spherical Earth was scientifically accepted!

But those who believe in a flat Earth might point to poetic passages that talk about the sun rising and setting, the four corners of the Earth, and the stationary foundations of the Earth.

When you look at these passages, though, you will see that they don’t support a flat Earth, especially since much of the language is poetic.

After all, we use many of those same figurative phrases today. A meteorologist on TV may discuss the sun rising and setting—but does he believe in a flat Earth? I would think not!

Scientific Evidence That Contradicts a Flat Earth

Photos of the Earth from space aren’t the only reason we know the Earth isn’t flat. (In fact, flat-Earthers would argue that those photos could be easily photoshopped or created.)

Instead, we also rely on scientific evidence that the Earth is spherical. You may find it interesting to know that even people in the ancient world knew the Earth was round. No, not everyone was as scientifically ignorant as mainstream society thinks!

So how did those ancient people know the Earth wasn’t flat?

For starters, they could tell because of the Earth’s shadow. Pythagoras understood that the cause of lunar eclipses is the shadow of the Earth falling on the moon. Of course, this can only happen when the moon is on the opposite side as the sun. During a lunar eclipse, we can see the Earth’s shadow creep across the moon, and the edge of the shadow is always a portion of a circle.

If, hypothetically, the Earth were flat and round, it could potentially cast a circular shadow on the moon, but only at midnight. Lunar eclipses that occur at sunrise or sunset would look like an ellipse, a line, or a rectangle. But that’s not the case in real life. Lunar eclipses always show the Earth’s shadow as a circle, indicating the Earth is spherical, not a flat circle.

But this isn’t the only scientific evidence that supports a spherical Earth. You could also point to the visibility of certain stars at various positions on Earth or the fact that time differences in the East and West show that the Earth is curved in all four directions.

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