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Don’t Miss Next Week’s Lineup of Award-Winning Southern Gospel Bands!


Get ready for another week packed with beautiful worship, strong preaching, and insightful apologetics at the 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter!

Grab your tickets today so that you don’t miss a single concert. To give you a glimpse of the great talent you can expect, here’s next week’s lineup:

Sunday, August 22

CT & Becky Townsend

If you’re coming Sunday to hear Pastor CT Townsend preach, then you’ll be doubly blessed when you hear him and his wife, Becky, sing! Their music offers spiritual truth to a confused and dying world.

“I think our nation is at a major crossroads,” says Pastor Townsend. “Our only real answer is the Word of God and the people of God and revival in our churches today. So that’s something I hope to see at this event!”

The Erwins

The Erwin siblings will bring their deep passion for Jesus to every song they perform next week. And when they’re not singing, you can find them wandering around the Ark Encounter, enjoying the exhibits and attractions!

“We were at the Ark Encounter right when it opened,” lead singer Keith Erwin says. “So we’re excited to be there and for our ministry to be a part of that.”

Monday, August 23

Gordon Mote

Gordon takes his music and relationship with God seriously. But he knows how to have fun, too! That’s why he’s excited to perform at the Ark Encounter on Monday.

“I want to take a tour of the thing!” he says. “I want to bring my family and be a tourist. I’ve heard all about the Ark Encounter, but I’ve never been there, so I’m grateful to be a part of this event, and I’m really excited about it!”

Jordan Family Band

JFB brings an exciting country Gospel sound to their well-blended family harmonies. With their energetic live music and unmistakable heart for ministry, this will be a concert you won’t forget!

Tuesday, August 24

The Martins

Gospel music fans across the nation were heartbroken when the Martin sibling trio went their separate ways. But years later, when God brought them back together, their worship music was even better!

“Even though we’ve always believed what we’ve sung, now it’s deeper,” Judy Martin Hess says. “We believe it with so much more conviction because we haven’t just sung about it. Now, we’ve lived it, and we can trust it with our whole heart.”

Josh & Ashley Franks

What’s not to love about this husband-wife Gospel music team? When they’re not busy leading worship from the stage, they’re ministering in their local church, People’s Tabernacle Church, in Savannah, Tennessee, and hosting the Josh & Ashley Show on WATC TV-57. Come watch them perform live on Tuesday for a time of encouragement and fellowship!

Wednesday, August 25

Down East Boys

If you’re still debating whether or not you should come to the 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music, Down East Boys lead singer Ricky Carden has a word for you:

“Hey, take the time out and come over and support Gospel artists who are there, and be a part of it! We need these kinds of places to go to, and we look forward to seeing folks who will come out and be with us during our time there. I hope you come by and visit us!”

The Browders

This family has talent. They have drive. And they most certainly have a deep commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why you’ll love their live performance next Wednesday! But don’t take our word for it. Come out and see for yourself.

Thursday, August 26

The Hoppers

You don’t want to miss the Hopper family’s powerful vocals! Lead vocalist Dean Hopper hopes crowds come out to enjoy the music festivities, but even more so, he prays that people’s hearts are touched.

“Even if just one person comes out and says, ‘I’ve never been to one of these concerts before, but there was a positive atmosphere in here tonight that I have not felt in my life in so long,’ then you’ve been successful,” he says.

High Road

This Grammy-nominated band has a special talent for communicating powerful truths through delightful country tunes. Lead singer Sarah Davison is praying that every song the band performs blesses the audience in a deep way.

“I hope they feel the Holy Spirit there,” she tells Answers in Genesis. “I hope they walk away on fire and encouraged, because I feel a lot of people are discouraged. There’s a whole lot of negativity in the world, so I hope that our music really encourages people to keep running the race.”

Friday, August 27

The Isaacs

If you love bluegrass Gospel music, you’ll want to come see the Isaacs perform! Band matriarch Lily Isaacs is expecting God to move during these concerts in a big way.

“God’s people need to come together and celebrate a new era in our world, in our church world as believers, that we can take back what was stolen from us for so many months, and claim victory in those 40 days,” she says. “That’s what I’m expecting!”

Tim Menzies

If there’s anything Grammy-nominated Tim Menzies loves more than performing music, it’s teaching God’s Word. So you can fully expect to get a full dose of both when he takes the stage next Friday!

Saturday, August 28

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Come enjoy Signature Sound’s unforgettable Southern Gospel music. This quartet is sure to leave you spiritually refreshed and energized!

“It’s great to have connection—and that’s what the 40 Days & Nights is about,” says tenor Ernie Haase. “I just hope everybody feels connected to something greater than themselves—because they are!”

Heart 2 Heart

H2H’s roots trace all the way back to 1998 in a little suburb North Carolina town. Yet even now, the band brings high energy, anointed worship, and a cutting-edge sound to their concerts. Watch them perform live next Saturday!


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