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Dr. David Jeremiah: How to Stand Firm in a Culture That’s Hostile to God

david jeremiah

We live in a hostile and chaotic world due to sin—and Dr. David Jeremiah says it will likely get worse.

From turbulent political battles to a worldwide pandemic to the increasing pressure to push God out of the public arena, one thing is clear: Christians must navigate these times with wisdom.

That’s why Dr. Jeremiah—senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and founder of Turning Point Ministries—wrote an entire book on how believers can live with confidence in a chaotic world. The topic was so relevant to our day that he’s writing a second book along similar lines called Where Do We Go From Here?

His new book addresses what the prophecies about tomorrow reveal about the problems of today and cover many timely issues that are affecting our culture, including the mounting pressure to stay silent about our faith. Sadly, this secular pushback seems to be on the rise. Like Paul in Acts 17:16-17 though, we needn’t cower in silence.

The Pressure Is On

It seems as though every other week there’s a new headline about a Christian facing pushback for their faith in our country. As an example, Dr. Jeremiah points to coaches being told they can’t pray with their teams.

One notable case involved former assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, who was fired in 2015 for silently praying after games. During one of his prayers, dozens of other coaches, players, and spectators voluntarily gathered around him on the 50-yard line to offer thanks to God.

One week later, he was placed on leave and never hired again. Kennedy sued the school, but courts ruled against him—allowing the school to take a religious stance against Christians—and the Supreme Court refused to hear his case.

Dr. Jeremiah says examples like this show how determined our secular culture is to push Christians to leave their faith at home.

“[They tell coaches], ‘You can’t pray with your kids,’” he says. “We’ve always done that. I grew up playing sports my whole life, and I had some pretty pagan coaches—and even they wanted prayer. But today, in the cancel culture, if you do anything that says you believe in God, you’re going to have people talk about it.”

How to Stand Firm in the Chaos

So how should Christians respond as society pressures them to merge with secular culture? Dr. Jeremiah says our actions and words must have two crucial ingredients.

“How do we stand up but do it wisely?” he says. “The Bible says Jesus was full of grace and truth. I know a lot of people who are full of truth, but they don’t have any grace at all. It’s not only about standing up, but it’s also about how we stand up.”

The biblical figure Daniel is an example of someone who had profound influence on a pagan culture and yet never wavered in his convictions of God’s Word. Yet each time he stood his ground, he did so with tact and discernment.

For instance, when King Nebuchadnezzar was ready to wipe out all the wise men in Babylon if they couldn’t tell him his dream, Daniel “replied with prudence and discretion,” saving numerous lives (see Daniel 2:14).

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Finding the biblical balance of grace and truth in our compromising culture also means choosing your battles wisely, Dr. Jeremiah says. Christian parents face this dilemma as public schools become more blatant about their secular agenda.

“You can’t fight your battles on every hill,” he says. “With the current situation in our public schools, Christian parents will need to prayerfully consider alternative options, as they are not going to change. It’s going to get worse.”

This doesn’t mean deciding which battles to fight will always be easy. Each situation is different, which is why every believer must maintain a close relationship with God and diligently study His Word. As we grow in our spiritual discernment, we will also grow in our ability to know when to speak up and what to say.

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