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Fall Is Here—and So Is ‘Hike & Seek’ Season 2!

Hike and Seek Season 2

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially in nature! Harvest begins as plants provide abundant food. Weather patterns begin to change. And birds and other creatures begin their migration toward the South.

It also signals another exciting event—the launch of Hike & Seek Season 2!

Join nature explorer Peter Schriemer as he takes you on a hike through God’s glorious creation in the fall. We have plenty of episodes coming to teach, equip, and entertain your entire family.

“Fall is a time of plenty to eat, lots to do, and places to go,” says Peter. “It’s a season to think about the importance of God’s guidance as we see so much change and travel going on in nature.”

Free Episode of ‘Hike & Seek’ Season 2

The very first episode of Season 2 is already out, and plenty more are on the way! Episode 1, “Migration,” gives you a stunning look at how nature changes toward the end of the year. You’ll also meet some amazing creatures that migrate hundreds or even thousands of miles—geese, cranes, vultures, birds of prey, dragonflies, Monarch butterflies, and elk.

Don’t have an Answers TV subscription yet? That’s okay! For a limited time, we’re making this first episode of Season 2 completely FREE.

Watch the Free Episode of 'Hike & Seek'

Join Peter in this episode as he journeys through the great outdoors in the fall. You’ll discover what happens in nature during this season, why plants and trees produce abundant food, and how animals respond to weather changes.

In “Migration,” Peter is answering some fascinating questions about animals that travel south every year. Have you ever wondered…

  • Why do geese fly in a V formation?
  • What routes do birds take to migrate south?
  • How far do Monarch butterflies migrate? Where do they go?
  • What’s the fastest-growing bone in the animal kingdom?
  • How do animals know where to go during migration?

Get ready for answers that will make you marvel at God’s amazing creation. Remember, this special episode is FREE—but only for a limited time. Join Peter as you learn about the seasons as well as the God who created them!

Watch the Free Episode of 'Hike & Seek'

Coming Soon: Prepare Your Teen’s Faith for Secular College

The secular agenda in our culture today is aggressive to say the least. If your teenager is planning on attending a secular university, what are you doing to prepare them to stand firm in their faith?

Why not start with a book full of practical advice and biblical strategies for today’s Christian young people?

Patricia Engler—host of CT Scan and youth outreach coordinator for Answers in Genesis Canada—is coming out with a new book called Prepare to Thrive: A Survival Guide for Christian Students.

In it, she pulls from personal experience, empirical research, and interviews with Christian students around the world. All her research comes together to teach young people how to strengthen their faith and make an impact in a secular environment.

Keep your eye out for Prepare to Thrive as it’s coming out soon!