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Final Week of Gospel Music Stars Features Joseph Habedank, Triumphant Quartet, Karen Peck Gooch & More!

High Road

If you want to join the fun at 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter, now is your last chance!

In just a few days, we’ll be in the final week of the event, which has featured popular Gospel music artists, renowned speakers and preachers, and faith-based family fun.

Grab your tickets now so you can enjoy next week’s lineup of singers:

Sunday, September 5

The Guardians

Come see the Guardians perform this Sunday at 3 PM! The award-winning Southern Gospel quartet never fails to light up the stage with their sincere commitment to glorifying Jesus.

“I think this event is great for Southern Gospel music, to get the word out,” says Dean Hickman, owner of the Guardians. “It’s also great for the glorification of Christ, that people hear this music.”

The Nelons

The Nelons offer a captivating blend of Gospel, a cappella, hymns, folk, and inspirational music. And you’re sure to hear it all this Sunday when they lead in worship!

When they’re not singing next week, Jason Clark and his wife, Kelly Nelon Clark, will be enjoying time with their whole family at the Ark Encounter.

“There’s so much significance in the number 40 in Scripture—40 days at this iconic place. It’s a place for the entire family,” says Jason Clark. “You can bring your family and be engaged all day long. Then there will also be great worship and great music, so we’re honored to be a small part of this.”

Monday, September 6

Joseph Habedank

Dove Award-winning Gospel star Joseph Habedank is also excited about performing at the Ark Encounter this Monday.

When asked what he’s looking forward to most about the event, Jason replied: “The Ark itself, because my wife, Lindsay, and I have never been. She loves special attractions, so it’ll be fun to watch her walk through it.”

High Road

If you thought High Road’s performance on August 26 was amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet! Come watch this Grammy-nominated band perform live again this Monday if you want an extra dose of spiritual encouragement.

Lead singer Sarah Davison says that, with all the negativity in the world, she and her bandmates are excited to build up God’s people with music that’s filled with the hope of Jesus.

“I hope people feel the Holy Spirit there,” she says of their upcoming concert. “I hope they walk away on fire and encouraged.”

Tuesday, September 7

Triumphant Quartet

Some say the church in America is slowly dying and that its fire is going out. But Triumphant Quartet’s bass singer, Eric Bennett, doesn’t buy that for a second!

“People say the church is dying. It’s not!” he says. “The church is alive. You’re just not in the right spot. If you think it’s dying, go where Jesus is moving!”

If you want to be a part of how God is moving, come to the Ark Encounter during the 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music event. Be encouraged at Triumphant Quartet’s concert this coming Tuesday!

Mylon Hayes Family

The Mylon Hayes Family is a beautiful example of how to minister together as a family. Twin brothers Conner and Bailey say following God wholeheartedly as a teenager is possible, and their heart is to share their passion for Jesus with as many people as possible at the Ark Encounter.

They hope that every song they perform—and every speaker’s—will touch hearts with the gospel.

“There are going to be speakers each day,” Bailey says. “I’m really looking forward to the preaching. There will be a lot of phenomenal pastors and preachers I really look up to, so I’m excited for them to present the gospel to an audience that may have never heard it before.”

Wednesday, September 8

Triumphant Quartet

The Triumphant Quartet will once again take the stage Wednesday for a time of beautiful Southern Gospel worship. Eric Bennett says this huge music festival could be the catalyst the church in America needs.

“I see God doing a real spiritual move,” he says. “The greatest days are ahead for the church.”

Lauren Talley

Since going solo after her parents retired, Lauren Talley has continued to proclaim the name of Jesus and walk out her rich musical heritage. Her performance at the Ark Encounter is just one more way she gets to do that.

“I hope people can come to a place like the Ark Encounter and not only hear the concerts and enjoy the music, but also see those exhibits and see the attention to detail God put in every bit of the original Ark,” she says. “I hope people walk away with a sense of wonder and a sense of reassurance that ‘You know what? If God can do all this, He can handle my life. He really does care about me.’”

Thursday, September 9

Karen Peck & New River

Award-winning singer Karen Peck Gooch says when she first heard about the 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music, she immediately knew it was a God-led endeavor.

“The goal is to reach people for Christ,” she says. “That’s why I think we’re going to see many people come to know the Lord during these 40 days and 40 nights. And I do believe there are going to be a lot of seeds of faith that will be planted during that time as well. And in the meantime, they’re going to have fun!”

Join the fun and the movement as New River performs live next Thursday!

The McNeills

If you enjoy blue grass, country Gospel, a cappella, and the great hymns of old, you’ll love worshipping with the McNeills next Thursday!

The family of 12 will bring their sweet family harmony, compelling melodies, unique instruments, and heartfelt praise when they take the stage. Don’t miss it!

Friday, September 10

Jason Crabb

Popular singer Jason Crabb has been following Jesus since the Lord saved him at 7 years old. He started his musical career at a similarly young age with his family’s music ministry, the Crabb Family.

Since branching off to pursue a solo career, his passion for God-honoring lyrics hasn’t changed. And now, he’s excited to share some of his favorite songs with the audience at the Ark Encounter next Friday!

“I love coming to the Ark Encounter!” Jason says. “There’s no place like it. I think what brother Ken has done is nothing short of amazing. It really makes the Bible come to life. I just look forward to being on the property—it’s a special place for sure!”

Bowling Family

Kelly Bowling has been singing full time since she was 17 years old. And now, she gets to continue her Christian music career alongside her daughters—Hope, Katelanne, and Gracie.

“I just have to say that we’re so excited to be there!” Kelly says. “We’ve always wanted to go to the Ark Encounter, and we haven’t gotten to visit yet.

“Beyond that, I’m always hoping to just encourage people with the message of the gospel. We want to reach people who aren’t saved and who need the Lord. If there’s ever been a day we need to be reaching people, this is it.”

Grab your tickets today for your last chance to enjoy some of the nation’s best speakers, musical artists, and faith-based fun at 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music!


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