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Gospel Singer Jim Brady Offers Christians Some Much-Needed Good News

Melissa and Jim Brady

Melissa and Jim Brady

With so many discouraging headlines taking over the news lately, Christians desperately need some good news right now. Gospel singer Jim Brady says the church needs a healthy dose of hope—so that’s where he’s focusing his energy right now in his music career.

He and his wife, Melissa, tour as a Southern Gospel duet, pointing people back to the hope they have in Christ with their songs. After all, they understand the discouragement many Christians are facing right now.

The pandemic that has caused thousands of deaths in the U.S., affected millions of families around the nation, forced numerous businesses to close, and shuttered many churches’ doors—it affected Jim and Melissa, too.

“There were days [last year] when we were very discouraged, days when we were confused by what our future might be, fearful maybe. We’re human,” Jim tells Answers in Genesis.

After all, when COVID-19 hit the U.S. in early 2020, Jim and Melissa had to cancel many of their tour dates. Local health administrations shut down many of their venues last year.

And even though they weren’t touring nearly as much, they still had to pay for certain expenses that come with any music ministry. One of those was owning and maintaining a tour bus. The situation caused them to worry about how the pandemic would affect their industry in general. Would they still have a thriving ministry when the pandemic was over?

Yet each time Jim and Melissa were tempted to dwell on their discouragement, they chose a different route instead. They chose to remember the Good News.

“Someone said years ago, ‘When you can’t trace His hand and see what He’s doing, trust His heart, because His heart is still with us,’” Jim says. “He has our best at heart, and He’s a good Father, and He’s a good Savior, so He’s taking care of us.”

As Jim and Melissa share that message of hope with others through their music, they continually hear from people about how their songs have impacted them, even in their darkest moments.

“I’ve had multiple people tell me at concerts or send an email saying, ‘I felt like there was just no hope for me, but while I was driving down the road, I heard your song on the radio, and it absolutely saved my life,’” Jim says. “That’s a pretty amazing—and humbling—thing to be a part of.”

While the Bradys are certainly humbled by these stories people share with them, they’re not exactly surprised. After all, when music is centered on Christ and filled with truth from Scripture, it will always have an impact on people’s lives. God’s Word never returns void (see Isaiah 55:11).

That’s why Jim and Melissa are so excited to be performing at the upcoming 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter. The Christian music event is set to go from August 2 through September 10 and will feature dozens of prominent and talented Gospel artists and renowned preachers.

Jim is looking forward to connecting with other Gospel singers at the event, and even more so to the encouragement crowds are sure to find while worshipping.

“This music is so impactful to people because, first of all, it has God’s Word—it has hope in it,” he says. “There’s joy in the music and hope in the lyrics. It’s going to be an amazing and powerful event.”

For more information or to purchase your tickets now, visit 40daysofgospelmusic.com.