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How DNA Points to an Intelligent Creator

How DNA Points to an Intelligent Creator

In the evolutionary worldview, the earth is billions of years old. But if that were true, how could bacterial DNA that’s 250 million years old still be remarkably similar to modern bacterial DNA? This long-debated discovery is yet another example of how DNA points to an intelligent Creator.

In 2000, scientists claimed to have found “resurrected” bacteria they called “Lazarus bacteria,” which were found in salt crystals that are supposedly 250 million years old.

There’s just one problem—if the bacterial DNA we have today was the result of 250 million years of evolution, then we should see a considerable number of mutations and dissimilarities when we compare it to the old DNA. But much to evolutionists’ surprise, this so-called Lazarus DNA has remarkable similarities to modern DNA.

Scientists were also surprised that this DNA was still intact after 250 million years. Since DNA breaks down quickly, they didn’t expect it to survive even a million years.

Clearly, something doesn’t add up from an evolutionary perspective.

‘Ancient DNA’ Discovery Makes Sense With the Bible

These similarities may have shocked evolutionists, but not creation scientists. When viewed in light of biblical accounts, such as Noah’s Flood, this DNA discovery makes sense, says Dr. Georgia Purdom.

After all, the Flood likely deposited the salt beds that these Lazarus bacteria were found in. And since the Flood only occurred around 4,500 years ago, it makes sense that the DNA found in these bacteria was still intact.

Discoveries like this one aren’t the only evidence we have that confirms biblical accounts. The very existence of DNA points to an intelligent Creator! To understand why, let’s look at what DNA is.

DNA is genetic material—uncannily similar to a language—within all living things. DNA molecules store piles of information that specify details of a given organism, from the shape of a flower’s petals to the color of your eyes.

The four nucleotides that make up DNA molecules can be rearranged to form 20 different amino acids, which can also be rearranged to form all the proteins living things require. In this way, you can think of DNA molecules as the dots and dashes of Morse Code or the binary numbers in computers.

How DNA Points to an Intelligent Creator

Biologists are still trying to understand DNA’s complex genetic language. And yet, the more you study this language, the clearer it becomes: DNA is evidence of an intelligent mind, that is, an intelligent Creator.

What code has ever been created by chance? What language has ever originated from a lifeless source? DNA came from an intelligent mind—the mind of God Himself.

What’s even more fascinating is that DNA is one of the most complicated languages scientists have ever come across. We don’t have time to go into all the particulars of this complex process, but we can give you a simplified look at how DNA functions.

In the human genome, DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. In those chromosomes are about 20,000 genes, which are instructions for proteins. This represents only about 2% of our DNA.

The remaining 98% of DNA is called non-coding DNA or “junk” DNA. Evolutionists claim this is leftover information from our evolutionary past. But scientists are finding that even this “junk” DNA has a purpose in regulating the DNA-to-protein process.

“When you look at something that complex, you expect it to be designed by something,” Dr. Purdom says. “Think about it. We look at a computer, we look at a phone—we would never say those things came about by random chance.”

Learn More About DNA’s Complex Language

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