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How the Lefevre Quartet Got to Practice What They Preach This Past Year

The Lefevre Quartet

For many, 2020 was a year of trial and hardship. For Mike Lefevre and the rest of the Lefevre Quartet, it was an opportunity to practice what they preach.

Before the government shut public venues down, Lefevre says, he didn’t think the Southern Gospel quartet he founded in 2005 could survive even one week without live performances. So when the lockdowns began, Lefevre was concerned. After all, while the quartet is certainly a ministry, it’s also the team’s livelihood.

“If you'd have told me a year ago that we would survive a week or two weeks without singing, I would have said, ‘That's just not possible with keeping everybody paid and everything,’” he says. “And so here we are, over a year later, and it has been amazing to see God work.”

While the pandemic was a surprise to people around the world, it wasn’t a surprise to God. In fact, Lefevre sees evidence that God was preparing the group’s hearts and ministry for that season.

Time to Exercise Faith

Shortly before COVID-19 struck, the quartet had begun working on their latest CD, titled Hope. At the time, they had no idea just how fitting the album’s title would be when it would release in October 2020.

“This has been a big lesson for me because we tell people all the time, ‘Trust the Lord fully and His promises. He has His hands on you,’” Lefevre says. “All these things we talk about when we preach from the stage—basically in song and testimony—it was time to exercise that faith.”

Lefevre says it’s no coincidence that they had already titled one of the songs “Practice What You’re Preaching.” God knew that’s exactly what he and his team would have to do during the pandemic. The song has since gone on to become the No. 1 hit on the Singing News Top 80 Chart for the month of June and snagged the top position on the SGN Scoops Chart for May.

“We had to practice what we preach,” Lefevre says. “We preach faith, and we had to exercise that faith during that time. God was amazing.”

God’s Waiting Room

But the group’s new No. 1 single isn’t the only song that fits perfectly with our current season. Hope featured another song that ended up being particularly relevant called “Between the Prayer and the Answer.”

“Our tenor, Jay Parrack, says that, nine times out of 10, when he prays for something, God puts him in a spiritual waiting room. And it’s very difficult to be waiting for that answer,” Lefevre says.

The song resonated with numerous people who were praying faithfully during the pandemic, whether for sick loved ones, grieving friends, or their own financial situation.

“When we pray for things, we want God to answer them immediately,” Lefevre explains. “But that's not how God works.”

Answered Prayers

Praying for people’s salvation is one of the most common ways we experience God’s “waiting room,” he points out. As a Christian music ministry, the Lefevre Quartet plants plenty of gospel seeds when they perform and share their testimonies around the country. But it’s not as often that they get to see those seeds bear fruit.

Recently, though, they got to witness an incredible salvation—an answer to their many prayers.

“The other day, we had a service, and Jay was sharing his testimony,” Lefevre says. “A 23-year-old young man—he was a fixture in that church and had been going to church there forever—was sitting at the top of the balcony in the very back row. It was him and his girlfriend. God was dealing with him, and suddenly he came down at the gospel invitation and he surrendered his life to Christ. To me, that's better than any No. 1 song you could ever have.”

Lefevre hopes to see more stories like this unfold at the upcoming 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music event at the Ark Encounter this August 2 through September 10. As crowds gather to hear dozens of Gospel singers and renowned preachers, Lefevre is expecting God to do something amazing yet again.

“Every song that will be performed has its message, and so it's our goal to share the Word of God. And the way we do that is through music,” he says. “So we just want to reach folks.”

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