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Majority of Americans Now Believe in Evolution

americans now believe in evolution

A new study reveals that more than half of all Americans now believe in evolution. That is, they believe that species alive today, including humans, evolved from other species over millions of years.

This study of public opinion surveys over the last 35 years shows that acceptance and rejection of evolution were fairly equal from 1985 to 2007. But over the last decade, public opinion officially tipped toward accepting evolution.

Not surprisingly, the strongest factors in this acceptance were secular education sources, especially in the area of science.

What does this show about the current spiritual state of our nation? Nothing good, says Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham.

“Most children (including 90% of those who attend church) are brainwashed by the secular education system in naturalistic evolution,” he writes. “The majority of Christian leaders compromise with the clear truth of God’s Word and accept evolutionary ideas in some way.”

Theological Problems With Evolution

Some may wonder what’s wrong with believing in molecules-to-man evolution as a Christian. The first issue is that evolution contradicts the clear Creation account found in Genesis 1-2.

Although theistic evolutionists have tried to reinterpret these chapters to conform to their view, doing so creates inconsistencies in one’s theology. For example, if we don’t believe Genesis 1-2 is a historical account of Creation, then why should we believe that the Gospels are a historically reliable account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?

“Ultimately, we’re not just talking about the age of the Earth or Creation or evolution,” Ken says. “Ultimately, what we’re talking about is the authority of the Word of God. When you take ideas from the world and you mash them into Scripture, you’re making man’s word your foundation. You’re giving man—fallible man—authority over God’s Word.”

Scientific Problems With Evolution

But the problems with macroevolution aren’t just spiritual. There are also scientific issues with the theory. For instance, if evolution were true, we should see much more evidence of it in the fossil record. And yet, transitional fossils are few at best and entirely absent at worst. So where are evolution’s millions of missing links?

Then there are genetic problems to consider. Natural selection certainly does occur to weed out the worst mutations and preserve the health of a population. But if you look more closely, you see that these mutations don’t add new genetic information. (Some point to antibiotic-resistant bacteria to contradict this statement. Read Answers in Genesis’ assessment of that argument here.)

How the Church Should Respond

As more people accept evolution as fact, Christians who believe God’s Word is inerrant may wonder: What can we do? How should we respond to our changing culture?

Ken Ham says one of the best responses is to arm ourselves with the truth and share that truth with others.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to provide an answer for the hope we have within us (1 Peter 3:15). While that verse is primarily referring to sharing the gospel, it also includes answering the doubts people have about Jesus and the Bible. If we want the answers to today’s common questions about evolution, death and suffering, the authority of the Bible, and biblical marriage, we need to start with the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

“A lot of times, people are told, ‘Don’t worry about that. Just tell them about Jesus,’” Ken says. “The problem is, you do need to worry about that, because those questions are a stumbling block to listening to the message. The church should be equipping people so that they feel bold to share that message.”

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