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Mark Trammell and Gold City’s Daniel Riley: God Will Always Provide

God will provide

Elijah and the ravens. The widow of Zarephath and her jars of oil and flour. The five loaves and two fish that fed 5,000 men. Peter and the coin in the fish’s mouth.

What do these biblical accounts have in common? They all reveal miraculous ways God has provided for His people in need in the past. And He still generously provides today—just ask Mark Trammell and Gold City’s Daniel Riley.

Both these popular Gospel artists have watched God provide for them in dire circumstances. Now, they both can say confidently, with Paul, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19, ESV).

Mark Trammell: Provision for Your Calling

In any given week, the Mark Trammell Quartet performs three to four times. So when the pandemic hit and their concerts nosedived to five events in nine months, they knew they were in trouble.

For those on staff, this could have been devastating to their income. But God came through.

“I’ve never seen the hand of God move like we saw it during that time,” Mark tells Answers in Genesis. “We never missed a paycheck. We never missed a meal. The people of God provided.”

Mark says if he had tried to take matters into his own hands when things first started looking grim, he would’ve missed out on the perfect provision God had in store. As the quartet trusted God, they began receiving donations unlike anything they had experienced before.

“God provided for every need we had—right down to the bus payment,” Mark says.

This wasn’t the first time God had shown Mark His ability to provide. Around 19 years ago, Mark felt God calling him to start his career over for the third time, this time by starting the Mark Trammell Quartet. At this point, he only had enough funding to put his son through his first two years of college. But as he stepped out in faith, God was faithful to provide.

“It doesn’t matter what we’re going through,” Mark says. “If we’re obedient to the call of God on our lives—whether that’s being a Gospel singer, a gospel minister, or a custodian at a church—if we’re obedient, there will not be a day where you’ll go hungry.”

Daniel Riley of Gold City: More Than Money

Gold City’s mission to encourage God’s people with timeless, biblical truth. Each time they perform, they hope and pray that their music will help reignite their audience’s passion for Jesus.

But that mission was threatened when the pandemic forced them to cancel many of their tour dates in 2020. Daniel Riley, baritone and owner of Gold City, was tempted to worry during that time. How would he provide for his staff? What would happen to Gold City? Would God provide?

Daniel saw that God did provide. And He used an unexpected couple to do so.

“One couple called me one day and said, ‘We want to help you guys. We want to cover your payroll for two months,’” Daniel recalls. “My jaw was on the floor! Then that same couple came back and covered probably another two months.”

Finances weren’t the only way God provided, Daniel says. Quarantining with his family last year also gave Daniel time to strengthen his relationships at home. For each of the 23 years he and his wife have been married, Daniel has been travelling with Gold City. He’s typically on the road at least 200 days of the year.

“I reconnected with my family—or connected with them on a level I never have before, being here every day,” he says. “I can speak for all the guys in the group when I say we were able to really connect with our families and even go to church with them every Sunday.”

Experiencing this new level of family intimacy has led Daniel to reevaluate how much time he spends on the road. He’s decided to take off more time in the future so he can be more available to his wife and daughters.

As Daniel discovered, sometimes God provides in ways we didn’t know we needed.

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