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Mark Trammell, The Talleys, & More: Don’t Miss Next Week’s Gospel Music Lineup!

40 days and nights of gospel music

Did you enjoy the past two weeks of Gospel music and preaching at the Ark Encounter? We certainly did! The 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music has been an encouraging time of worship, teaching, and family fun.

If you haven’t been able to join us yet, don’t worry. We’re only two weeks into the 40-day event, so you still have a chance to attend over the next four weeks. We encourage you to make your plans now, though, because hotels are filling up fast!

Thinking of joining us next week? We think you’ll love the lineup:

Sunday, August 15

Mark Trammell Quartet

Mark Trammell has seen God’s faithfulness firsthand. He was amazed at how God provided for the Mark Trammell Quartet’s every need during the pandemic, and he hopes Sunday’s concert gives God the praise He deserves for that faithfulness.

“I’m praying God will be glorified!” he tells Answers in Genesis.

The Taylors

Enjoy smoothly blended harmony as the award-winning brother-sister trio take the stage Sunday. Reaching others with the love of Jesus is their top priority, so expect some soul-stirring worship during this concert!

Monday, August 16

Jim & Melissa Brady

Want to worship with Jim and Melissa? You can on Monday when they take the stage to sing some lively Gospel tunes.

“We encourage people to come out and visit in person,” Jim says.

Lefevre Quartet

Is there anything more beautiful than worship? Mike Lefevre doesn’t think so!

“I think it’s brilliant—being at the Ark Encounter,” he says. “What’s better than 40 days of Gospel music? There’s a message in every song. There are some fun songs and some fast songs and slow songs—but every song we’ll do will have a message to it. That’s our goal—to share the Word of God.”

Tuesday, August 17

Kingsmen Quartet

Brandon Reese, manager of the Kingsmen, says he’s looking forward to this special time of worship. Not only will the Ark Encounter provide plenty of room for a big live audience, but many will be joining online, too.

“I’m looking forward to the technological side of it, too,” Brandon says. “The concert we’re having is going to be recorded, and there will be some livestreaming there.”

Michael Combs

More than anything, Michael hopes to see God bring revival through the 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter.

“Maybe revival can start at the Ark Encounter because we’re not only going to have great Gospel music, but we’re also going to have some giants in the faith preaching the Word of God!” Michael tells Answers in Genesis.

Wednesday, August 18

The Talleys

Yes, you read that right! The Talleys will be coming out of retirement for a few special performances at this event. Join us on Tuesday to see Roger, Debra, and Lauren reunite for an uplifting time of worship.

3 Heath Brothers

Feeling discouraged lately? This award-winning group of teenage brothers will encourage you with their biblical lyrics and catchy tunes!

Thursday, August 19

The Inspirations

This legendary Gospel group is back and ready to sing! Listen live as they perform some of their favorite songs.

The Sound

Enjoy Gospel music with a modern twist as The Sound performs Thursday. A worship concert with this Dove Award-nominated band—comprised of Rob Mills and his two sons, Levi and Jacob—will leave you spiritually refreshed.

Friday, August 20

Gold City

If you’re ready to get out of the house, this Gold City concert is the perfect time to do it. Daniel Riley, lead singer of Gold City, says what he’s looking forward to most about this event is simply connecting with God’s people.

“I hope this is a time of renewal for people,” Daniel says of the concert. “I hope they’re reminded that, even in horrible times in our lives, God is always good. And He loves us.”

The Coffmans

Each song this Kentucky-based trio performs will pull you into its encouraging message. Between the touching music and the down-to-earth testimonies, you’re sure to be built up in your faith.

Saturday, August 21

The Whisnants

Jeff and Susan Whisnant are excited to sing and worship next Saturday, but they’re also just as excited to visit the Ark Encounter itself!

“You feel the presence of the Lord in that place,” Jeff says. “When you’re around the people who work there—it’s just such a different attitude and a totally different atmosphere. It’s a pretty amazing place.”

Wilburn & Wilburn

When Jonathan Wilburn and his son, Jordan, perform, you can tell they sing with conviction and honesty—and a deep love for Jesus.

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