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Our Top 10 Favorite Billy Graham Sermons and Movies on Answers.tv

Billy Graham

Our video library here on Answers.tv is constantly growing.

Last week it grew yet again when we added 55 videos from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). They include 18 theatrical BGEA movies, 25 TV programs and documentaries, and 12 classic sermons by the late Billy Graham himself.

So today, we want to share with you our top 10 favorite videos from our new collection.

Of course, narrowing the list down to 10 was incredibly difficult. Each video is packed with life-changing truth and entertainment, so we recommend you check them all out. But to get started, try the ones on this list first!

1. Canvas Cathedral: Billy Graham’s Crisis of Faith

Narrated by Billy Graham’s grandson Will, this documentary follows a crisis of faith Billy Graham had as a young man in 1949, just one month before he was supposed to hold a major Crusade.

It started when a close friend told him the Bible was outdated, untrustworthy and written by men. Graham began reexamining the Bible’s authority and even questioned his own calling as an evangelist. One night, unable to sleep, he went for a walk in the woods by himself and poured his heart out to God.

“If [that] didn’t take place, I don’t think you would even know who Billy Graham was,” says Will.

Watch the documentary to see how this crisis of faith changed Billy Graham forever.

2. The Hiding Place

One of the greatest Christian movies of all time, The Hiding Place tells the incredible story of Corrie ten Boom and her family as they worked to protect the Jews during WWII. When Nazis invaded Holland, the ten Boom family joined the underground resistance and hid Jews in a “hiding place” within a wall in their home.

Sadly, the Nazis discovered the ten Boom hiding place and sent Corrie and her family to concentration camps.

But no amount of death and torture could hold back the power of the gospel in those camps. Watch the film to discover Corrie’s amazing story for yourself.

3. Persecution and the Gospel

Every day, Christians around the world face horrendous persecution for following Jesus. This documentary gives you a firsthand look at the real-life stories of people who have endured this kind of suffering—and chose to love Jesus even more.

Watch the powerful TV special here.

Note: This film contains violent and disturbing content and may not be suitable for pre-teen audiences.

4. “The Value of a Soul

Watch this 1986 classic sermon by Billy Graham as he preached to a massive crowd in Washington, D.C.

In this powerful teaching, Graham compares the body to the soul—the body being temporary and the soul being eternal. Just how precious is a soul? More than you can possibly imagine.

Watch the teaching here to learn how the gospel speaks immeasurable value to the human soul.

5. Heaven

Billy Graham’s final message on Heaven is one of the most powerful teachings on the afterlife you’ll probably ever hear. So it’s no wonder we added it to our top 10!

You’ll hear Graham share his reflections on his journey through life and ministry. And throughout the process, you’ll see people’s real-life stories of survival and resiliency as they face the scary inevitability of death.

Watch the teaching here.

6. Billy Graham: A Life Remembered

Follow Billy Graham’s journey from North Carolina farm boy to international evangelist—all because God got hold of his life.

As a young man, Billy Graham didn’t want anything to do with God or religion. But when Jesus touched his heart at an evangelistic meeting, Graham’s life changed completely. Just a few years later, Graham felt called by God into ministry.

How did a farm boy end up preaching in the largest arenas and stadiums in the world? Watch the documentary here to find out.

7. Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace

WWII POW and Olympic runner Louis Zamperini was featured in the Hollywood film Unbroken. But in this BGEA documentary, you get an even closer look at the faith that transformed and fueled this courageous man’s life.

He outran opponents and outlived a war, but he could never escape God’s love. Watch the documentary to hear the true faith-filled story of Louis Zamperini.

8. “How to Get to Heaven

It’s one of the most important questions a person can ask: How can I get to Heaven?

In this classic 1993 sermon in Columbus, Ohio, Billy Graham answers that very question. Whether you feel you’re the biggest sinner in the world or you think you’ve lived a fairly good life, the answer is the same.

Watch the sermon here.

9. Joni

This true-life video presentation tells the story of Joni Eareckson Tada.

When a diving accident left her paralyzed at 17, she began the difficult process of healing and adjusting to life as a quadriplegic. That was one of the most difficult times in Joni’s life, but by God’s grace, she became a renowned painter whose artwork and ministry have touched and inspired countless people.

Watch her story here.

10. 7 Days in the Holy Land

Explore the beauty and the history of the Holy Land, from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee and from the Jericho Road to the Mount of Olives.

In this video, you get to travel with Franklin Graham and his daughter Cissie as they journey through the Holy Land, where Scripture comes to life.

Watch the devotional special here.