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3 Practical Tips for Sharing the Gospel With Your Atheist Friends

As Christianity’s influence wanes in America, atheism only becomes stronger.

Gospel Singer Lily Isaacs: It’s Time for the Church to Claim Victory

Lily Isaacs (second from left) is the matriarch of the bluegrass group The Isaacs. (Photo: The...

Were Adam and Eve the First Humans? Genetic Evidence Says Yes

There’s strong debate nowadays, even among Christians, regarding whether or not Adam and Eve...

Our Top 10 Favorite Billy Graham Sermons and Movies on Answers.tv

Our video library here on Answers.tv is constantly growing.

Evolutionists Overlook Creationist as First to Think of Plate Tectonics

It’s 1859. The world just went through a massive scientific upheaval. Charles Darwin’s On the...

The Age of Our Solar System: Why It Can't Be Billions of Years Old

Just how old is our solar system?

Why People Lived to Be Almost 1,000 Years Old Before the Flood

If you’ve read the first several chapters of Genesis, you’ve probably noticed that people back...

Is the Lungfish Our Closest Living Fish Ancestor?

If you ask a secular scientist about lungfish, he may tell you that they’re our closest living...

Why DNA Similarities Don’t Prove Evolution Is True

Evolution teaches that all organisms are related to one another. Yes, that includes poison ivy,...

Can Evolutionists Finally Explain the Cambrian Explosion?

One of the biggest puzzles to evolutionists today (besides the platypus) is the Cambrian...