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Stars Point to a Young Universe: Surprising Evidence in the Heavens

Stars Point to a Young Universe

Secular astronomers claim the universe is billions of years old. They also think stars are still forming, but they don’t know how. And the truth is that humans have never observed the birth of a single star.

As creationists, we believe God created the earth thousands of years ago, not billions. The Scriptures point to a young universe and a literal six-day Creation, a perspective known as young earth creationism.

While the Bible is our ultimate authority, we also see creation upholding what it says. The truth is that, the more we study our universe, the more evidence we find for young earth creationism.

Ready to see how the stars point to a young universe?

‘Dancing Stars’: Evidence for a Young Universe

Have you ever paused to marvel at the beauty of the stars? If the skies are clear and you’re not around a lot of city lights, you can see countless stars above you.

Interestingly, over half those stars you see are actually two stars that rotate around each other. These are called “binary stars.” Even though they are two separate bodies, their close proximity to each other makes them appear to us as a single point of light.

A lot of astronomers love studying binary stars because they change so quickly. Their spots often change within months or years, so astronomers can easily see and track these changes.

What’s fascinating about these stars is that they can’t be billions of years old as evolutionists believe. Why? Because if they were, these binary stars would be wearing down and changing very slowly—or not at all.

You see, the older binary stars get, the closer they come to one another until their atmospheres combine and they’re nearly indistinguishable. These are thought of as the “senior citizens” among stars, and evolutionists claim they’re billions of years old.

But recent research indicates these changes happen fairly quickly. So then why is our universe full of billions and billions of young, vibrant stars that are still “dancing” at a distance?

These dancing stars go to show that heavenly bodies didn’t evolve billions of years ago. God created them!

Evidence of a Young Pluto

Young Pluto

Secular astronomers are scratching their heads over Pluto’s surface. Why? Let me explain.

Five years ago, New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto and took detailed photographs. Since then, scientists have been diligently studying Pluto’s surface for clues about how it formed and how old it is.

But they haven’t found what they expected.

They thought Pluto’s surface would be heavily cratered. But it’s not! Instead, it has a “young” surface, part of which has very few craters at all. Scientists think this means there’s been geological activity.

But geological activity would require heat. With Pluto so far from the sun, where would it get this heat?

The answer—it must have come from when Pluto was formed. That means this heavenly body couldn’t be millions of years old.

The more we study the stars, the more we see evidence for a young universe!

Brilliant Blue Stars Can’t Be Billions of Years Old

Did you know that scientists classify stars based on their features such as color, size, and temperature?

One class of stars is known as “blue stars.” They’re are extremely bright and hot, and they quickly burn through their fuel.

For example, Eta Carinae (a blue star) sends out 1 million times more energy than our sun (a yellow star).

Because blue stars burn through fuel so quickly, they can’t be more than a few million years old. This presents a problem for evolutionists who think the universe is billions of years old.

And what’s more, we find these blue stars all throughout the universe. If the universe is as old as evolutionists say it is, then these blue stars should’ve burned up by now.

Astronomers try to explain this by saying that these bright stars are still forming, but that’s never been observed.

In a biblical worldview, blue stars aren’t a problem—because God created them several thousand years ago. We live in a young universe!

Discover Dazzling Stars From a Creationist Perspective

The Bible says God created the heavens to serve as “signs and for seasons, and for days and years” (Genesis 1:14b). Our universe operates with astounding precision. Today’s scientists have barely scratched the surface of what we can discover about the stars God created.

Watch Stars with Dr. Danny Faulkner to learn how God created this young universe with its mind-blowing detail!