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Reindeer or Caribou--What's the Difference?

We’re Mammals—But Are We Animals?

What is a mammal?

How Many Animals Were on Noah’s Ark?

Close your eyes and picture Noah’s ark. What do you see? If you’re like most people, probably a...

Are Unicorns Real?

“Are unicorns real?”

Why Did Animals Get So Big Before the Flood?

Every so often, researchers will discover animals and insects in the fossil record that are much...

Biblical and Scientific Reasons Humans Are Different From Animals

From an evolutionary perspective, humans are merely animals with more complex physical and mental...

Bighorn Sheep: Proof of Molecules-to-Man Evolution?

Evolution-based textbooks teach that everything around us is evolving all the time, usually in a...

5 More Complex Creatures That Reveal God’s Creative Design

Despite what evolution-based textbooks say, the Bible tells us God lovingly and wisely created the...

5 Fascinating Animals That Point to God’s Brilliant Design

According to evolution, everything in the universe—including you and me—are merely the product of...

Fall Is Here—and So Is ‘Hike & Seek’ Season 2!

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially in nature! Harvest begins as plants...