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Emily Ann Roberts Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

In recent years, anxiety has become an increasingly popular topic in the media. And it’s no...

The Church Is Declining—And Only One Thing Can Turn This Trend Around

Is the church declining? Ray Flynn says yes.

Gospel Artist Gordon Mote: Lean on This Scripture When Life Is Unfair

When life seems unfair, how do you respond?

The Age of Our Solar System: Why It Can't Be Billions of Years Old

Just how old is our solar system?

What Can Christians Do Personally About Racism Today?

Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day and honored King’s work in fighting racism in...

How Do We Know Jesus Is God?

If Jesus was fully man, how could He be fully God? How can we know for sure that Jesus is God?...

Young Earth or Old Earth? What Jesus Believed About Creation

Did Jesus believe in a young Earth or an old Earth? Some Christians say it’s impossible to...

Do Aliens Exist? A Biblical Response to UFOs and Alien Abductions

There are innumerable stars and galaxies beyond our planet. It’s breathtaking to think just how...

The Biblical Worldview of Sexuality: Genesis and God’s Design for Marriage

In the Western world, we’re seeing a trend where sexual immorality is becoming more accepted. At...

What the Bible Says About Dinosaurs

Evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything else to convince people that the secular gospel...