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Fall Is Here—and So Is ‘Hike & Seek’ Season 2!

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially in nature! Harvest begins as plants...

Intelligent Design—God or Aliens?

Look around and you’ll immediately find evidence of an intelligent Designer. God’s creative and...

The Age of Our Solar System: Why It Can't Be Billions of Years Old

Just how old is our solar system?

Stars Point to a Young Universe: Surprising Evidence in the Heavens

Secular astronomers claim the universe is billions of years old. They also think stars are still...

These 3 Creatures Testify to the Creator’s Brilliance

Evolutionists would like you to believe that this world is the product of billions of years,...

Millions of Years Missing in Geologic Column: Proof of a Global Flood?

Secular textbooks will tell you that the geologic column reveals a 4.5-billion-year history of the...

Germs and Genesis: Why This Renowned Scientist Rejected Evolution

History is full of Christian scientists who have made great discoveries in their fields. And yet in...