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Gospel Singer Jim Brady Offers Christians Some Much-Needed Good News

Melissa and Jim Brady

3 Practical Tips for Sharing the Gospel With Your Atheist Friends

As Christianity’s influence wanes in America, atheism only becomes stronger.

Will the Pandemic Cause Young People to Abandon the Church in Droves?

If your church pews seem a little empty, it might not be an illusion. Recent statistics from...

Should We Lock Down the Economy to Halt Climate Change?

We hear on the news about many hot-button topics nowadays, but few are discussed with such...

The Myth of Race: God’s Word Offers the Answer to Racism

The myth of multiple races has brought incredible harm over the centuries and continues to leave...

What France’s New Ban on Homeschooling Means for Christians Worldwide

Homeschooling has long been under attack in progressive European nations, but France’s ban on...