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Parents’ God-Given Role in Their Children’s Education

Parents have a God-given role to determine their children’s education. Why does this matter in a...

Italy Now Paying Families to Have Babies Due to Low Birth Rate

Families in Western countries are often encouraged—whether subtly or directly—to limit the number...

Final Week of Gospel Music Stars Features Joseph Habedank, Triumphant Quartet, Karen Peck Gooch & More!

If you want to join the fun at 40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music at the Ark Encounter, now is your...

What Lauren Talley Is Learning as a New Stepmom and Solo Artist

Just a few months ago, Gospel singer Lauren Talley’s life shifted in several big ways.

Q&A With Kelly Bowling: How She's Equipping Her Daughters to Take the Stage


Kelly Bowling started singing full time when she was 17 years old—and she hasn’t stopped since

Why the Martins Split Up for Years—And How God Brought Them Back Together

Judy Martin Hess (left), Jonathan Martin (middle), and Joyce Martin Sanders (right) perform as the...

Ernie Haase Shares What Every Middle-Aged Christian Needs to Know About Leadership

Ernie Haase (Facebook/Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

Brian Free: The Devil Is Attacking Family Like Never Before—Here’s How We Can Stand Firm

The family as God designed it is under extreme attack in our day. Divorce, infidelity, abuse,...

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Protecting Unborn Babies With Disabilities

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have a disability? Our society has made great strides in raising...

The Biblical Worldview of Sexuality: Genesis and God’s Design for Marriage

In the Western world, we’re seeing a trend where sexual immorality is becoming more accepted. At an...