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When Were Clothes Invented? Biblical Answers to an Age-Old Question

As human beings, clothes play an important role in our daily lives. But was it always this way?...

Live Preaching From CT Townsend, Dr. Robert Jeffress and More at the Ark Encounter!

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve probably seen how much fun people are having at the ...

Evangelicals Increasingly Doubt Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven

Why Revival Is the Lukewarm Western Church’s Only Hope

There are few topics in the church as divisive as the end times. Denominations feel strongly about...

These Out-of-the-Blue Salvations Show How God Moves When You Least Expect It

Romans 1:16 says the gospel is the power of God for salvation—but that power doesn’t always show up...

Unkindness Is on the Rise—and Christ’s Love Is the Only Antidote

Our culture is suffering from a lack of kindness, says Southern Gospel singer Scott Fowler.

Has America Become Too Secular to Experience Revival Again?

Is revival possible in our increasingly secular culture? It’s no secret that the anti-religious...

2 Crucial Ingredients to Reverse Our Nation’s Troubling Moral Decay

With the rise of evolution in schools, new sexual ethics, and abortion, our nation’s moral standing...

The Church Is Declining—And Only One Thing Can Turn This Trend Around

Is the church declining? Ray Flynn says yes.

How the Lefevre Quartet Got to Practice What They Preach This Past Year

For many, 2020 was a year of trial and hardship. For Mike Lefevre and the rest of the Lefevre...