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Mark Trammell and Gold City’s Daniel Riley: God Will Always Provide

Elijah and the ravens. The widow of Zarephath and her jars of oil and flour. The five loaves and...

Jason Clark Shares Biblical Ways to Choose Joy When You’re Suffering

Jason Clark wishes every Christian would live in the joy God has given them. Not the happiness that...

How to Stop Complaining: The Kingsmen Quartet’s Tips for Choosing Gratitude

Brandon Reese of the Kingsmen Quartet knows he’s blessed. And if he ever forgets that fact, he can...

Jeff and Susan Whisnant: How Small Moments of Ministry Can Have a Huge Impact

Jeff and Susan Whisnant don’t see their namesake Southern Gospel group as a career. It’s a...

Gary Casto: Shift Your Focus From Fear to Faith With Psalm 91

Gary Casto (second from left) is lead singer of the Tribute Quartet.

Why Bivocational Ministry Can Be Even More Helpful Now: Interview With Dean Hickman

Many ministers throughout church history have supplemented their spiritual work with a secondary...