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These 3 Creatures Testify to the Creator’s Brilliance

Creators Brilliance

Evolutionists would like you to believe that this world is the product of billions of years, innumerable mutations, and a huge dose of chance.

But as Christians, we know that chance processes didn’t create the world we see today. Our universe is the handiwork of a creative and intelligent God—our Creator!

Today, we’re going to look at 3 animals that testify to the Creator’s brilliance. These small animals may not seem like much to a casual observer, but when you study their anatomy and how they behave, you’ll see God’s fingerprints.

Dancing Honeybees Point to the Creator's Brilliance


You enjoy honey, right? Honey is a nutritious and delicious sweetener that goes great on foods like buttered toast, peanut butter sandwiches, and Cheerios.

But have you considered how tiny bees find the nectar and pollen they need to make that honey?

Their methods are truly incredible!

First, they go scouting. When a worker bee finds a new source of food, she flies back to the hive to tell the others and get their help to harvest the rest.

Of course, honeybees can’t speak. But did you know they can dance?

It's true! Honeybees communicate through dance. In fact, to tell others about their newfound food source, a worker bee will do a waggle dance, which will tell the other bees which direction to fly, how far to go, and even what kind of food they’ll find.

Not bad for a bee that can’t talk.

This seemingly simple insect points to the astounding intelligence of our Creator.

Watch Hike & Seek’s episode titled “Bees & Blooms” to learn more about bees and their fascinating behavior.

Squirrels' Intelligent Foraging Methods


If you’ve ever almost hit a squirrel with your car, it’s likely because it darted right in front of you. Because of that, sometimes it’s easy to think squirrels are unintelligent. (Just stop running in front of cars, squirrel!)

But God was absolutely brilliant in the way He designed squirrels.

These little creatures are very resourceful. They can chew holes in trees to make a home or even dry out mushrooms to make “mushroom jerky” for a quick snack.

Squirrels also hide thousands of nuts to last them through the winter. Yes, thousands!

To protect their stash from other animals, they’ll go so far as to pretend to bury nuts in order to distract from the place they actually buried their food.

They even know to bite the embryo of a white oak acorn before burying it so that it won’t sprout and ruin their future meal.

Clearly, squirrels are yet another example of our Creator’s brilliance.

How Woodpeckers Don’t Get Brain Damage


Have you ever woken up to an incessant tapping noise coming from outside your bedroom window? Woodpeckers can be annoying when you’re trying to sleep, but if you ever watch their behavior in your yard, you’ll quickly see that they’re fascinating creatures!

You’ll often hear one tapping on a tree even before you see it. But how can woodpeckers hammer through solid wood? If we tried to do that, we would get a concussion.

The reason is that God gave woodpeckers several features that work together to absorb a huge amount of force.

First of all, they have an elastic beak. They also have muscles and tendons to support the head and a spongy bone behind the beak—not to mention a special skull bone that’s full of fluid.

It takes each of those parts working together for a woodpecker to safely and successfully hammer into tree trunks to find food.

Could random, chance processes produce a system like this? No, of course not! This is evidence of our Creator's brilliance.

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