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What Lauren Talley Is Learning as a New Stepmom and Solo Artist

lauren talley

Just a few months ago, Gospel singer Lauren Talley’s life shifted in several big ways.

At the end of 2020, Lauren’s parents, Roger and Debra, officially retired, ending their career of more than 20 years as The Talleys. As her parents stepped away, Lauren felt God leading her to continue her career as a solo artist, which she has done successfully for the last seven months.

While juggling the pandemic’s hurdles and her new solo career, Lauren has been facing yet another new and exciting adventure—becoming a wife and stepmom. When she and her husband married in October 2020, Lauren suddenly became a step-parent to five kids.

The first thing Lauren learned is that being a parent isn’t easy. And as wonderful as being a stepparent is, the role comes with its own set of challenges. As a result, Lauren has learned several important lessons so far, but the most impactful one came unexpectedly during what she thought would be a normal day.

What No Parent Wants to Hear

Back in April, her 9-year-old stepson was at baseball practice when he suddenly grabbed his head and screamed, “Daddy! My head! My head!”

“He was airlifted to a children’s hospital, where they told us he had a brain tumor,” Lauren said. “That is not something any parent—whether you’re a biological parent or a stepparent—can prepare for. That’s the phone call no one wants to get.”

Because of the debilitating effects of the tumor, the 9-year-old boy needed at least one parent constantly with him for the next three months. Lauren, her husband, and the boy’s mother were by his side every day, hoping and praying for God to intervene.

“We didn’t know if he would walk again or if he would be able to see,” Lauren says. “His brain tumor is benign, thank God. He doesn’t have cancer. We’re very thankful for that. And he’s gained almost all of his movement back, and he’s gaining his eyesight back.”

The harrowing ordeal revealed to Lauren her need for control, which she calls her “greatest struggle” in her spiritual life. With her type-A personality, Lauren loves to make plans and be in charge. She doesn’t want any surprises—not if she can help it!

“But life does not work that way,” she chuckles. “And God does not work that way. God is not interested in letting me drive. So the past nine months have been all about learning how to let God be in charge and be okay with whatever He allows in my life.”

Surrendering Control

Lauren’s lesson in giving control to God was most intense during her 9-year-old son’s diagnosis and recovery. But it actually started the day she got married and shifted her career.

Singing with her parents as the Talleys was a comfortable place for Lauren. She loved working with her family, ministering by their side since she was 13 years old. So when God placed her husband in her life and led her parents to retire, she found herself in new territory. In a span of only a few months, her familiar environment was gone, and a new season had arrived.

Each day in this new season of Lauren’s life is an opportunity to practice letting God take the reins. And though she hasn’t fully conquered her need for control, she’s embracing the lessons God sends her way day by day.

“That’s a daily battle for me—learning how to surrender control,” she says. “I give it to God for a little bit, and then I want to take it back again. But thankfully, God is gracious to walk through this time with us, and we’ve definitely gotten closer as a family and closer to Him as a result.”

These spiritual lessons are inspiring Lauren’s latest work. In fall of 2021, her fans can expect brand-new music full of insights into her spiritual journey.

“That’s what the Christian life is—learning how to surrender our will to His,” she says. “And it’s the hardest thing in the world do to sometimes, but it’s always worth it in the end.”

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