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What the Bible Says About Dinosaurs


Evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything else to convince people that the secular gospel of millions of years is true. They say they existed 65 to 235 million years ago and went extinct long before the first human ever evolved. But that’s not what the Bible says about dinosaurs.

It’s no wonder that many Christian parents are concerned about modern dinosaur shows made for children. The evolutionary claims in those programs directly contradict what the Bible says.

If you asked a random evolutionist about dinosaurs, they would probably tell you that no human ever lived at the same time as dinosaurs and that those large creatures were wiped out by an asteroid or some other similarly catastrophic event. Many say dinosaurs eventually evolved into modern-day birds.

As common as that story is, it’s simply not logical—not if you believe the Bible is true. The Bible points to the earth being only thousands of years old, not millions. And the Bible also says God created mankind on the same day He made all land animals, which includes dinosaurs.

But even if you didn’t believe the Bible is true, you would still have a logical problem with evolution’s millions of years. After all, how can something come from nothing? (Hint… it can’t.) And how could intelligent design come from chaos? (Again, it simply can’t.)

The only logical explanation to the beautiful design we see in the universe today is that God Himself formed it—the same God who existed before all things and will exist for eternity.

But the purpose of this article isn’t simply to disprove evolution. We want to learn what the Bible says about dinosaurs!

Let’s See What the Bible Says About Dinosaurs

On Day 6, God created all the animals that live on the land, including dinosaurs. That was only about 6,000 years ago. If God created man and land animals on the same day, then surely man and dinosaurs coexisted. Furthermore, dinosaurs couldn’t have died out before mankind was created because death and disease did not exist before Adam and Eve’s sin (see Genesis 3).

The Bible also says that Adam named all the living creatures (see Genesis 2:19-20). We have plenty of fancy names for dinosaurs nowadays, but Adam had the privilege of being the first one to name all the dinosaurs that existed at Creation.

“But if dinosaurs existed with mankind, then why doesn’t the Bible mention them?” you might ask.

Keep in mind that the word “dinosaur” was coined in 1841 by a Victorian Age anatomist named Sir Richard Owen. (Interestingly, he was also staunchly against Darwinism.) Around that time, scientists and archaeologists were discovering many dinosaur fossils, and Owen was fascinated by them.

He coined the term “dinosaur” to describe the fierce creatures scientists were uncovering. Are you curious as to why he chose that word? “Dinosaur” comes from the Greek words deinos and saurus, which together mean “terrible lizard.”

Sea Monsters, Giant Crocodiles and Dragons—Biblical Hints About Dinosaurs?

Since the word “dinosaur” didn’t exist before the Victorian Age, naturally you won’t find that word in the Bible. Instead, you’ll see the Bible mention mighty creatures whose descriptions don’t match any animals we see today.

For instance, Genesis 1:21 says, “So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good” (ESV).

dragons-of-oldThe word for “sea creatures” in this passage is the Hebrew word tannin, says Ken Ham. That word is also translated as “dragon” in other parts of the Bible.

It’s very possible that many of the legends about dragons that we hear today are based on true descriptions of dinosaurs. As generations passed these descriptions down, they modified them into the fantastical legends we hear now. (This is similar to how many Flood legends around the globe are based on the true Flood the Bible describes.)

Psalm 74:13 and Isaiah 27:1 refer to “sea dragons,” which could be a reference to sea-dwelling dinosaurs like the Mosasaurus.

The Bible also describes a “fiery flying serpent” in Isaiah 30:6. Could this be referring to the pterodactyl, a flying dinosaur?

The book of Job similarly describes fearsome creatures that could be references to dinosaurs. One of them is the behemoth, a fierce, massive creature with a long, strong tail and that eats vegetation (see Job 40:15-19).

Some say this passage is referring to an elephant or a hippo. But what elephant or hippo have you seen that can “move his tail like a cedar?” (Job 40:17). No, the Bible’s description of the behemoth sounds more like the Brachiosaurus, a massive land-dwelling dinosaur.

In Job 41, God describes another fearsome animal called the leviathan, a sea-dwelling creature that could breathe fire. (Remember those dragon legends?)

The leviathan had thick, practically impenetrable scales along its back (41:15-17) and sharp spikes or scales on its belly (41:30). This creature could very well be the Sarcosuchus imperator, a 40-foot crocodile-looking dinosaur, or the Liopleurodon, an 82-foot creature with fins and sharp teeth.

Why It Matters What the Bible Says About Dinosaurs

While it’s true that the Bible is God’s message to us about salvation, it’s also more than that. It’s a true and trustworthy account of history and Creation.

We can trust what the Bible says about dinosaurs, even if it goes against everything we hear and read in secular sources.

If we start to say we can’t trust what the Bible says about science or history—then who’s to say we can trust any of what the Word of God says? It’s a slippery slope when we start to doubt bits and pieces of God’s Word.

That’s why Answers in Genesis believes the Bible 100%, including what it says about dinosaurs. Do you?

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