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Why Did Animals Get So Big Before the Flood?


Every so often, researchers will discover animals and insects in the fossil record that are much larger than their modern-day counterparts. For example, according to a recent article, researchers discovered a fossil of a millipede as big as a car in northern England!

What other giant animals have been found? And why did they get so big before the Flood? Here’s a list of some shockingly huge animals and insects that scientists have found in the geologic column.

9-Foot-Long Millipedes

As previously mentioned, researchers recently found the largest fossil of a giant millipede ever recorded.

Discovered on a Northumberland beach, the creature likely reached almost 9 feet long, and scientists say it lived around 326 million years ago. But here at Answers in Genesis, we know this millipede was likely killed during the Global Flood around 4,500 years ago.

After all, fossils like that aren’t made over millions of years. It often takes a huge catastrophe to kill the animal quickly and lock it in sediment.

Giant Sloths

We think of sloths as the 2.5-foot-long creatures that hang out in trees and moving excruciatingly slow. But did you know some sloths used to be as big as elephants?

These “giant ground sloths” are also known as Megatherium, and evolutionists claim they went extinct around 4,500 years ago. Coincidence?

Rats as Big as Humans

Mickey Mouse isn’t the first human-sized rodent to roam the earth. One ancient rat, known as Neoepiblema acreensis, is said to have been 5 feet long and weighed about 175 pounds.

For comparison’s sake, the average rat nowadays is 6 to 10 inches long and 0.6 to 1.5 pounds. That’s quite a difference!

Interestingly enough, researchers say this rat’s brain wasn’t similarly super-sized. Instead, it was probably only about 4 ounces.

Megalodon, the Largest Shark Ever

Evolutionists claim this huge mackerel shark lived 3 to 26 million years ago. But we know it wasn’t that long ago that this frightening giant was roaming the oceans.

Hollywood has made several movies featuring this creature—and it’s no wonder! Megalodon, which means “big tooth,” is considered the largest shark ever to exist, with its 9.8-foot-long jaws and its 66,000-pound frame. Today, you’ll likely find mackerel sharks weighing closer to 130 to 300 pounds.

Seagull-Sized Dragonflies

Today, the average dragonfly’s wingspan is only 4 inches, but that’s nothing compared to ancient dragonflies.

Some of these insects used to get up to about 6 feet long with a wingspan of as much as 50 inches! This dragonfly, called Meganeuropsis, has often been referred to as the largest known insect of all time.

How Were These Animals So Big Before the Flood?

Evolutionists and some creationists believe some ancient animals used to be so big because the atmosphere had a lot more oxygen than it does now. Many think that excess oxygen (called hyperoxia) could have allowed giant bugs to survive with smaller quantities of air, writes Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell.

Some creationists agree, pointing to the canopy model, which suggests that a vapor canopy created a greenhouse effect on earth before the Flood. Some versions of that model support hyperoxia in the atmosphere.

This model, though, has been shown to have serious issues on both a scientific and biblical level. Furthermore, hyperoxia is known to have detrimental effects, so it doesn’t seem to be the most likely contributing factor.

Instead, genetics offers a stronger reason for animals’ giant sizes. It’s very possible that God created within these kinds a wide range of genetic diversity regarding size. It’s also possible that after the Flood, the changes in climate—such as extreme winters and shorter growth seasons—hindered many species from growing as large.

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