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Why Triumphant Quartet’s Eric Bennett Believes the Church Is About to Explode

Eric Bennett - Triumphant Quartet

People in America need God right now. There’s no getting around it. In the last year, the nation has faced a devastating pandemic, political and social unrest, and difficult economic setbacks.

But even in these hard times, bass singer Eric Bennett of the Triumphant Quartet believes the church in America is about to explode. Eric, who has been with the quartet since its founding in late 2002, says music ministry has been a little different, and in many ways more difficult, during the pandemic.

And yet he sees God using these troubling times—including increasing pressure on Christians to conform to standards they don’t agree with—to cause people to see how much they need Him.

“I see God doing a real spiritual move,” he says. “The greatest days are ahead for the church, simply because if you notice in the New Testament, such as in the book of Acts, persecution made the church explode. And I feel like the coming persecution is going to separate the sheep from the goats. You’re going to find out who wants to follow Christ and who doesn’t.

“I see God moving. He said, ‘In the last days, I will pour out My Spirit,’ and I feel He’s going to do that. I feel like He’s going to call people to Himself. I see a huge move of God coming.”

But what does a move of God look like, especially after a global pandemic? Eric believes it’s starting with the young people—young families, singles, even teenagers who are willing to go all in for Jesus.

“People say the church is dying,” Eric says. “It’s not! The church is alive. You’re just not in the right spot. If you think it’s dying, go where Jesus is moving.”

Revival in Action

Eric isn’t the only one who sees a move of God on the horizon. Gospel singer Lily Isaacs thinks so too. She tells Answers in Genesis that she’s believing revival is going to spring up as God’s people unite—and she’s praying that’s what happens at the upcoming 40 Days and 40 Nights of Gospel Music event at the Ark Encounter.

Hosted by Answers in Genesis and Abraham Productions, the event will feature dozens of popular Gospel singers and groups as well as prominent preachers from across the nation.

“I feel like we’re going to see more people get saved,” Lily says. “I feel like the people who are involved in these 40 days—the artists and the people visiting the concerts—are going to be rejuvenated. I think it’s going to be like a revival. I already see it right now. Churches are opening up and people are on fire. They need it. They’re hungry for community.”

The key to this revival, Lily says, is unity:

“The Bible said not to forsake gathering together in unity. I think it’s going to be a time of unity. People are going to walk away full of the Spirit of God, everybody that comes to the concert is going to be filled completely. I just expect that. I’ve claimed it.”


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